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Traffic Tips is a free web counter (hit counter). The aim of the service is to provide its members with a valuable statistics for their web page visitors. You can choose from four designs or you can put an invisible web counter in order to keep the visitor count private.

Free traffic

I. Free Traffic

1. Once your site is ready, it's a good idea to submit it to the Search Engines. Being added to the SEs indices takes some time, so it's a good idea to act as fast as possible. There are 3 big guys – Google, Yahoo and MSN. The links are: - (Yahoo might require that you sign up for an ID before you submit)

MSN does not offer a submission form, but there is a way to get in their index. I'll discuss it later.

Well, getting indexed by the SEs doesn't mean that your page will show in their results… With a web page count getting close to 9 billion, the Search Engines are constantly working on advanced algorithms to show the most relevant results to their users. There is a fierce competition for the top positions for certain search terms and usually new sites need to get a little bit older and recognized in order to rank higher. Optimizing your pages for the SEs has become a constantly changing art. Believe me, it really pays if you learn it, but it's hard. The term you need to look for is “Search Engine Optimization” or just “SEO”. A good place to look for tips is but be prepared – SEO is a jungle.

2. Getting other people link to your site.

Links pointing to your site are a very important stuff for a couple of reasons.

  • Search Engines add pages to their indices not only by their submission forms. SEs have spiders that crawl the pages and follow the links they find. So, even if you don't submit your web sites to the SEs, they may find you if they follow a link from another site, pointing to the one you operate. Actually, this is the way you are most likely to get into MSN.
  • Search Engines rank higher sites that have more links pointing to them. At least, Google does so.
  • A good link to your site might bring some direct visitors, but well, it really has to be a good link and it's tough to get such.

Anyway, there are a few services that help you exchange links with other sites:

The next links require that you have a php/asp/perl enabled site:

You won't get high quality links, but something is better than nothing!

There are lot's of web directories, that would accept to place link to your site in exchange of a link back.

Be careful, getting too many links too fast might get you in trouble with Google because it might decide you are doing a link spam. It's not a perfect world, you know…

3. Traffic exchanges. Well, the good news here is that these might help you get some traffic very fast. The problem is that the quality of the traffic is not perfect. Those services are basically two kinds – auto traffic exchanges and manual traffic exchanges. There are lot's of similarities between those two and a few differences. First – the similarities.
Traffic exchanges are services. You have to sign up for them in order to become a member and enter the URL you wish to promote. As a member you get a unique “surf” URL. It usually loads in a frame pages owned by the other members of the traffic exchange. For every page you view, your page is shown to someone else's unique “surf” URL. The problem is that people are not quite interested in your site when they are viewing it. They are more interested in generating traffic to their own URL. BUT, this is not quite true. I often catch myself clicking on the pages that I view while using a traffic exchange, especially if the web page is well made and catchy. I did some testing and the conclusion is that this is not like Google traffic, but you'll get some real visitors to your site.

Now, some words about the differences between the “auto” and the “manual” traffic exchange. In general, the difference is one. The so called “auto” exchanges rotate URLs in front of you automatically. There is no need that you do anything. You just start the “SURF” URL and every 10-15 seconds the browser refreshes with a new page and you earn credit. You may even minimize the browser and you are still going to earn credits. This makes the quality of the auto traffic exchanges quite low.

The “Manual” traffic exchanges add a small twist. There the rotating URL refreshes only after an action from yourself that defines you as a human – clicking on a test image for example. This way the Manual traffic Exchanges has a guarantee that you have taken a glimpse at the site you've surfed fort credits.


There are a few hints for working with such services if you decide to try them:

  • it's good to work with more than one exchange at a given moment. Each service has a limited amount of members. This means a limited amount of people who can see your page. More traffic exchanges at once – more eyeballs to see your page.
  • Traffic Exchanges usually give you credit in means of traffic for referring other members to their services. So, spreading the word is a good idea.
  • Try getting a big amount of such traffic because here quality lies in the numbers.


Here there are some links to services that I use. Enjoy!

Auto surf exchanges:
ShalomAutoHits Check Alexa Rank
AutoHits.DK Check Alexa Rank
Manual surf exchanges:
Traffic Syndicate Check Alexa Rank
HitPulse Check Alexa Rank
BraStart Check Alexa Rank
TrafficSwarm Check Alexa Rank
TrafficG Check Alexa Rank
FastFreeway Check Alexa Rank
TrafficRoundup Check Alexa Rank
WebBizInsider Check Alexa Rank
ClickVoyager Check Alexa Rank

4. Toplists (topsites) are another option for getting some hits. The idea is that you sign for the toplist and get a unique URL. You send visitors to that URL and the toplist sends hits back. Basically, the toplist is a list of websites. The more visitors you send to the unique URL, the higher your site is placed on the list. Usually, the sites on the top of the list get the biggest number of visitors back. This is an interesting opportunity but you need some traffic to start it going. It's also crucial that you find a toplist that actually gets visitors and has traffic, because otherwise it won't be able to send you visitors back… Unfortunately, usually the popular topsites are adult orientated. Search Google for some, but do not rely on this traffic very much.


I'm sure that you'll find some more.

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